Welcome to Chikugo Tourist Information Center.This website has provided information on the Chikugo area comprised of the 15 municipalities in the southern part of Fukuoka Prefecture of Kyushu called the Chikugo region and the Asakura region .
The Chikugo area has been blessed with abundant nature. This includes rivers (e.g. Chikugo River and Yabe River), the Ariake Sea and the Mino mountain range. This has led to thriving exchanges between people since ancient times and development of a unique culture. The area has been also blessed with many tourist attractions. These include going downstream on the Yanagawa River and the traditional structures in Yame and Ukiha.The Chikugo area is also a center of manufacturing. Traditional crafts have thrived in the interior of Okawa and Yame. This is the place that has harmony between the beautiful nature and life.
History and tradition live among the heartwarming rural scenery. Fine quality time which enriches the hearts of people and touches their sensitivity flows in this area centered on the relaxing daily life here.Please come and visit this area to experience the relaxed everyday life created by the people of Chikugo with never-ending love for their hometown and history and culture that have been cultivated over the years and rooted in Chikugo.