Unagi no Seiro Mushi


Unagi no Seiro Mushi

Unagi no Seiro Mushi (grilled and steamed eel) is a typical local cuisine of Yanagawa City.
It is made by steaming previously-grilled eel on a bed of rice that is covered with soy-based sweet sauce.
Each restaurant is proud of its own sauce, which is usually made from a secret recipe passed down through the generations, so the dish tastes different at each restaurant. More than 20 eel restaurants compete with each other to produce incredible eel dishes.


Addresses Various locations in Yanagawa City, Yanagawa City Parking
Phone Numbers 0944-74-0891 Homepage http://www.yanagawa-net.com/eng/eat.html
Opening Hours Varies by store Access Varies by store / Varies by store / Varies by store / Varies by store
Regular Closing Days Varies by store
Notes For more information, please contact the Yanagawa City Tourist Information Center.
・Contact: (Yanagawa City Tourist Information Center)
・Fee: Varies by store(Main price range: JPY 3000-5000)
・Necessity of reservation: Varies by store
・Parking lot remarks: Varies by store
・Recommended season: Throughout the year

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