Takahashi Shoten


Takahashi Shoten

Takahashi Shoten started out brewing sake but later switched to using sake lees, a byproduct of the sake brewing process, to produce preserved fish and vegetables. Subsequently, the company developed various products that take advantage of local seafood and produce. Yuzusco, a citrus-based hot sauce, became a hit product nationwide, making it a favorite Yanagawa souvenir. The company also operates a factory-direct outlet that can accommodate tour buses.


Addresses 1897-1 Mitsuhashimachi Tarumi, Yanagawa City Parking Available
Phone Numbers 0944-74-1212 Homepage
Opening Hours 9:00~17:30 Access Nishitetsu Tenjin-Omuta Line Yanagawa Station,Car,10 min.
Regular Closing Days None
Notes ・Admission fee, experience fee
 Hands-on lessons are available for a fee. (Making strips of dried seaweed for ¥550, etc.)
・Necessity of reservation
 Reservations are required no later than three days in advance for hands-on lessons.
・Recommended season
 50 vehicles

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